How to: Generate and Scan QR Codes


QR Code Sample on Github

Generate QR Codes

Use the QRCode class to generate one or more QR Code along with a label as a printable PDF document

function generateCodes() {}
    var gen  = new QRCode()
    gen.add("12334455", "Product 1");
    gen.add("79594868", "Product 2");
    ...."My QRCodes");

Scan QR Code on mobile

Use the App.scanCode(onchange) static method of the App class to initiate a scan from the mobile app. The onchange parameter is the callback function. Use this.value as a function parameter to botain the decoded data.

function main() {
    var calllback = 'onscan(this.value)');
    List.addButton("Scan Code", "App.scanCode({callback})");;

function onscan(value) {
    List.addItemTitle("Decoded Data:" + value);;