UpviseJS : Icons

The style attribute for List.addItem(label, onclick, style) and List.addItemTitle(title, subtitle, onclick, style) can have the following values:

style= "img:[contact|company|folder|sale|project|clock|dollar|help|note|form|pinpoint|milestone]"

List.addItem("Contacts", "", "img:contact");
List.addItem("Companies", "", "img:company");
List.addItem("Folder", "", "img:folder");
List.addItem("Time", "", "img:clock");

// You can also add a count attribute to display a number of the right of the list item
List.addItem("Time", "", "img:contact;count:56");
List.addItem("Time", "", "img:contact;icon:arrow");

// Use also a image url
var url = "http://www.upvise.com/uws/js/logo.png";
List.addItem("Custom Image", "", "img:" + url);