Popup Class Reference

Popup.add(label, onclick, style) Popup.addHeader(title) Popup.show()

This class allows to create a popup list to display items. This screen is displayed on top of the main screen and it not part of the navigation history. It is used to diplay a set of possible actions when user presses on an action button. All methods in this class are static. Call multiple times Popup.add() method followed by one Popup.show() call.

Popup.add(label, onclick, style)

Adds a clickable list item. label (string) is the title label, onclick (string) is the callback function. style is an optional string wit the format "img:[value]", to add a small left icon to the item

Popup.add("New Contact", "newContact()", "img:contact");


Adds an item header, which is a non clickable gray separator. title is an optional string for the header.



Displays the popup list on the screen. Must be the last call of the Popup class. This popup screen is not added to the nhistory navigation stack