Map Class Reference

Map.addItem(label, geo, onclick, style) Map.addUsers() Map.setFloorPlan(fileid)

This class displays a zoomable map on the screen and adds clickable markers to it. All methods in this class are static. Typically you call Map.addItem() method followed by one Map and List class are mutually exclusive in a page

Map.addItem("San Fransisco", "37.769099,-122.425584", "viewCity()");
Map.addItem("Paris", "48.859875,2.347060", "viewCity()", "background-color:" + Color.RED);
Map.addUsers(); // add the real-time position of all users on my account;

Map.addItem(label, geo, onclick, style)

Adds a clikable marker on the map.

Map.addItem("Truck VBG23", "48.858238,2.347918", "viewTruck()", "label:Truck VBG23;background-color:" + Color.ORANGE);
On Web, use the style="label:My Label" value to add an always visible label next to the map icon


adds the position of all other users in the current account to the map.

Note : users need to have the Share Location settings checked on their phone in Upvise to be visible by other users.


Use the image identified by its fileid to be used as a background fllor plan instead of the earth map. In this case, the geo coorditnates units are expressed in pixel in the format: x,y for example 250,345. fileid is a upvise record id of an image uploaded in Upvise.

Displays the map on screen. This must be the call call on this class