Upvise Client Library: Project Class (Java & .NET)

Base Fields string id string name string owner string note int status string code DateTime startdate DateTime enddate Address Properties string street string city string zipcode string state string country string geo Client Properties string contactid string companyid
Group & Region Fields string groupid string regionid Constants static const OPEN static const CLOSED Custom Fields void setCustomField(key, value) string getCustomField(key)
Parsing & Serialization static Project fromJson(JSONObject obj) JSONObject toJson() Linked Forms Form[] getForms(since) Archiving static void archive(string id, Query query)


The Project class of the Upvise Client Library represent a record in the Projects.projects Upvise table of the Projects Application

Project Sample on Github


Insert a new Project
using com.upvise.client;
Query query = new Query(token);
Project newproject = new Project();
newproject.id = "ID1";
newproject.status = Project.OPEN;
newproject.name = "Maintain Air Conditining";
newproject.code = "TRE453";
newproject.note = "Verify gaz pressure";
newproject.startdate = DateTime.Today;
newproject.enddate = DateTime.Today.addMonths(3);

newproject.owner = "John"; // if you want to assign a Job, set the Upvise user Display name here

newproject.street = "1 infinite Loop";
newproject.city = "Cupertino";
newproject.zipcode = "";
newproject.country = "USA";
newproject.geo = "12,3.444"; // set the coordinates for the job

// set some custom fields values
newproject.setCustomField("F1", "WATER");
newproject.setCustomField("F2", "12");

// Perform insert
query.insert(Project.TABLE, newproject.toJson());

Insert multiple Projects in Batch
using com.upvise.client;
Query query = new Query(token);
for (var i = 0; i < 10; i++) {
    Project project = new Project();
        project.id = "ID" + i;
        project.status = Project.OPEN;
        project.name = "Maintain Air Conditining " + i;
        project.startdate = DateTime.Today;
        query.insert(Project.TABLE, project.toJson());
Retrieve Project Forms
using com.upvise.client;
Query query = new Query(token);
var projectid = "PROJID";
JSONObject obj = query.selectId(Project.TABLE, projectid);
Project project = Project.fromJSON(obj);

long sinceDate = 0;
Form[] forms = project.selectForms(query, sinceDate);
// Iterate through all forms, ad ignore DRAFT ones
foreach (Form form in forms) {
    if (form.status != Form.DRAFT) {
        // get the form data
        string xml = form.writeXml();
        // TODO : save the xml file to disk
        // download the PDF file for the form (work only if the correct settings in Forms Web has been set in Options)
        byte[] pdfcontent = form.downloadPdfArchive(query);
        // TODO : save the pdf file to disk

static void archive(string id, Query query)

Archives one project and its linked notes, tasks, milestones, products, forms, and photos / files. It does NOT ARCHIVE linked quotes or invoices.